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Welcome to our first Travelsports Business Newsletter! This newsletter is being sent to all of the business’s that have joined Travelsports. Our business newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis and will cover business practices on our site and highlight marketing and other trends within sports. Our goal is to provide insights into the youth and adults sports world that you will find useful for your business. Missed a newsletter or signed up recently? No worries! Similar to our bi-weekly consumer newsletter, each business newsletter will be posted on our WordPress blog. Cheers and here’s to many more. 

– Team Travelsports

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Spotlights and Trends in Sports Business

If you work in the sports industry, you’re probably aware of the recent trends in sports business including athlete influencer marketing (NIL) in collegiate sports, artificial intelligence, increased technology enhancement, sports betting and the professionalization of youth sports.

According to Deloitte, the growth and transformation of the sports industry is forcing organizations to take a more sophisticated approach—one that makes the industry more attractive for investors, more immersive for fans, and more supportive of athletes. To make sure this happens, it’s important for sports organizations to look ahead for possible events and actions that can change how the future unfolds. 

In this global golden age of sports, 2023 is expected to bring organizations and athletes more chances than ever to deeply connect with their fans. Technology will continue to infuse every aspect of sports, empowering athletes and creating a more immersive experience for fans at live events and at home. In general, 2023 will be about making the most of these near-term opportunities while managing associated risks with the longer term in mind. Read/Download the full report here

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In our “Did You Know” section, we will be highlighting different features and functionality on Travelsports that we feel are important to our business users.


In this issue, we are highlighting the business dashboard. On your dashboard, you can view, in real time, the number of page views, website/signup clicks, leads (inquiries from prospective customers) and, if you are advertising on Travelsports, banner ad clicks.  
Every month we will highlight a hotel that has joined Travelsports. Tournament & Clinic operators, be sure to check out our hotel section on Travelsports to view hotels that are interested in working with you. 

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