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For our newest issue, we are rolling a new section dedicated to cause-based sports events. At Travelsports, we want to highlight those events that are dedicated to raising awareness and donations for non-profit causes. Whether they are important to your local community or are global in nature, highlighting these events will become a part of what we do. Please see our Events for Cause section to learn more about how we can highlight your event. 

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When a young athlete takes an interest in a sport, parents are eager to rapidly build up their development. According to Memorial Hermann, strength and conditioning is important to help improve agility, motor control and overall ability to perform. It’s important for young athletes to receive proper instruction from those who understand technique and proper form. It’s important for coaches and training staff to create proper training regimens to prevent any burnout or injury. Here are some important exercises to help increase muscle mass. 
  • Push-ups
  • Suspension training – pull-ups with TRX
  • Step ups  
  • Lunges and squats – with or without weights
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Whether you have an early morning game and don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to …. or your tournament’s hotels are booked, Travelsports has you covered with a list of hotels focused on sports teams. If you are looking for a specific date or location, Travelsports has partnered with Lucid Travel to help you and your team find the best spot.


The 2022 youth hockey season is well underway. Whether it’s a helmet with or without a face shield… it can be difficult to find the right helmet for comfort, fit and protection. When purchasing a helmet, it’s important to find a helmet with the right padding. 

Helmets are important for the safety of players to prevent head or face injuries, contact with the boards, collisions, falls and flying pucks. If you’re looking for new helmets, check out Pure Hockey’s selection below.  

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Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet Combo II 

The Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet Combo II from Pure Hockey is designed for a comfortable interior feel. The 5100 fits wider than the Bauer 4500 and is equipped with the same sub-shell as the 9900. The 5100 is equipped with HX-sorb/Comfort Foam internal padding and a triple-density liner material. The 5100 is also equipped quick clip adjustments to find the right fit.

Hockey Players Turning to Figure Skating Training 

There is more to hockey then having the ability to score from the hashmarks like Auston Matthews or go to one-on-five like Connor McDavid. Possessing advanced skating techniques is a big advantage when it come to playing hockey. 

Now, teams and players from house league all the way up to NHL are building these skills through figure skating techniques taught by former figure skaters. 



Keep Calm and LAX On 
Interested in upcoming lacrosse clinics and showcases? Check out the list below. 

Chicago Box Lacrosse Challenge – US LAX Events – Naperville, IL – December 3-4, 2022

Badgerland Box Invitational – Bearpaw Lacrosse Events – Milwaukee, WI – December 10-11, 2022 

Club World Championships – My Lacrosse Tournaments – Austin, TX – Dec 30, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 

Battle at the Barn Box Lacrosse Tournament – Bearpaw Lacrosse Events – Fort Wayne, IN – Jan 7-8, 2023 

All Elite Lacrosse Tournament – Achieve Lacrosse – Marlborough, MA – Jan 15th, 2023 
Events for Cause 

Looking to highlight a cause based event in one of our newsletters? Please email to info@travelsports and include a brief description of the event and the cause the money is being raised for, an image and website link. 
Sled Hockey Charity Event – New Trier vs. Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Blackhawks

Chicago-Area New Trier High School Hockey hosted a fundraising event to benefit the 4 time NHL Sled Hockey Champions, the AbilityLab Blackhawks, and beloved New Trier senior Clay Scherb, brother of Cole, a New Trier hockey player. 

Clay experienced a life-changing spinal cord injury in August, which necessitates intense rehabilitation. His care is being provided by the amazing team at Shirley Ryan. His condition is requiring extraordinary expenses for medical care, equipment, home modifications and lifestyle changes.

All proceeds from the game went to the Scherb family during this extremely difficult time and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Adaptive Sports Program, which offers over 20 different sports and fitness programs to youth and adults with physical disabilities. All equipment, facilities and coaching are donation based so there is no cost to the athlete.

They are still accepting donations! Click the image below to make a donation. 

Looking to highlight a cause-based event in one of our newsletters? Please email to info@travelsports and include a brief description of the event, the cause the money is being raised for, an image and website link. 
Play Ball 
Now the 2022 MLB season is over, it’s time to look ahead to 2023. Check out the list of upcoming baseball tournaments! 


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Top Hockey Academies Across Canada


Northern Alberta Xtreme

Location: Edmonton
Head Coach: Jason Stewart

About The Program: The Northern Alberta Xtreme (NAX) was launched in 2013 by Jason Stewart. Initially, the program consisted of just one team, the Female Midget Preps. But as the program began to expand, more teams were added to meet the demands at each level. In 2015, the Elite 15s team was added, winning the league title in their first season. The following season would see the launch of the Male Midget Prep team, while the Female Midget Preps would join them in the Canadian Sport School Hockey League (CSSHL). In 2017-18, the Male Bantam Prep team was added, bringing the program to its current status of four teams competing in the CSSHL.

Notable Alumni: Luke Prokop, Michael Benning, Carter Savoie, Ethan Edwards, Connor McClennon.

For More Information:


Calgary Edge

Location: Calgary
Head Coach: James Poole

About The Program: Founded in 1999, the Edge School offers training in dance, golf, hockey, soccer, figure skating, basketball, and a flex program for students who would like to pursue a sport other than those currently offered. Edge follows a three-sphere philosophy – academics, athletics and character development of students – which aims to prepare students for either post secondary education or a career in their chosen sport.

Notable Alumni: Tyler Myers, Matt Dumba, Taro Hirose, Thomas Hickey, Jake Bean.

For More Information:

Looking for Academies in Ontario?

Okanagan Hockey Academy

Main Location: Penticton, B.C.
Head Coach: Craig Bedard

About The Program: The Okanagan Hockey Group was founded by Larry Lund in 1963. The primary focus of the Okanagan Hockey Academy is to promote the long-term development of each of their athletes in the classroom, on the ice, and in the community. Putting young, motivated people in a structured environment, surrounded by a world class staff and support system, they believe allows them to deliver a consistent message and value system. They hold their student athletes accountable on their efforts, attention to detail, and above all their attitude. The Okanagan Hockey Group has expanded its reach in recent years, opening Academies in Edmonton and Whitby, Ont.

Notable Alumni: Curtis Lazar, Joe Hicketts, Michael Rasmussen.

For More Information:

Rink Hockey Academy

Location: Winnipeg/Kelowna, B.C.
Head Coach: Rob Smith (Winnipeg)/Shae Naka (Kelowna)

About The Program: Offering programs in both Winnipeg and Kelowna, the Rink Hockey Academy provides competition for four teams – U15 Prep, U16 Prep, U18 Prep and U18 Female Prep, all of which compete in the CSSHL. The RHA student-athletes’ school day will be modified to allow maximum time for school and training needs. The teams will travel and compete mostly outside the province at the highest levels on both sides of the border during the full school year. School-board appointed team liaisons ensure players meet minimum standards and academic readiness for post secondary applications and career choices.

Notable Alumni: Justin Schultz, Seth Jarvis, Matthew Thiessen.

For More Information:

Burnaby WC Logo

Burnaby Winter Club

Location: Burnaby, B.C.
Head Coach: Mike Santorelli

About The Program: The Burnaby Winter Club (BWC) was founded on May 29, 1956 as the Burnaby Curling Club and incorporated under the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia. On April 18, 1958 the Club changed its name to reflect the multi-sport dynamics of the activities at the time. It became the Burnaby Winter Club and its constitution was amended to include hockey and figure skating. Over more recent years, with the success of the Vancouver Canucks, hockey has become the predominant sport at the club.

Notable Alumni: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Mat Barzal, Karl Alzner, Jack McIlhargey, Cliff Ronning, Paul Kariya, Chris Joseph, Glenn Anderson.

For More Information:

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Food Tips for Hockey Road Trips

Road trips and hotel stays are increasingly common today for all levels of hockey — especially during tournament season. While sports travel is exciting, it definitely brings new challenges to fuelling athletes. Finding good restaurants in unfamiliar cities can be difficult and dining out for every meal gets expensive quickly.

Even if you don’t want to travel with a crockpot or portable grill, here are seven simple ways to make fuelling on the road convenient and easier on the wallet.  

Pack Snacks

Whether it’s pre-packaged granola bars or homemade trail mix, bringing an assortment of nutrient-dense snacks helps avoid overpriced concession stands and convenience stores for the post-workout refuelling window or travel delays.

Large Water Jugs

Traveling by car? Skip the cases of plastic bottles and save cargo room (and the environment!) with gallons of water to refill reusable bottles.

Peanut Butter and Jam

Pre-game meal timing often happens while on the road. Instead of settling on less-than-ideal fast food, pack bread, nut butter, and jelly to make sandwiches in the car (turkey is a great option also, but then you have to take coolers into account too). Sandwiches are also perfect for the hotel room or post late-night games for athletes that are hungry again before bed. 

Hit the Market

Refrigerator in the room? Stop by a local grocery store for yogurt, fresh fruit, salad, and/or rotisserie chicken. Grab some milk if your player enjoys cereal before early morning games.

Add Hot Water

Hotel room coffee makers or microwaves make oatmeal and quinoa cups a convenient nutrient-dense pre-game fuel.

Portable Blender

If smoothies are a favorite, rechargeable portable blenders are a great option for early mornings or the post-game refuelling window. They can also be repurposed for fun, adult drinks later in the night!

Pre-made Meals

Packing a cooler? Make and freeze breakfast sandwiches, egg cups, or quesadillas to reheat in the room microwave.

Most parents are tired of paying for restaurant food between games at tournaments and want to avoid feeding their player fast food that does nothing to improve their performance.

A little pre-travel food preparation minimizes the stress of last-minute fuelling between games. Planning ahead also ensures your skater has nutrient-dense options to maintain endurance and support recovery throughout the long weekend.

Need a travel fuel checklist? Looking for freeze-ahead meal recipes? Visit to learn more.

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Hockey Scouts Discuss CHL vs. NCAA Routes

In this series on amateur hockey scouting, we compiled responses from 20 different hockey scouts and coaches that scout representing NHL, OHL, CJHL and NCAA teams about their unique job. Many wished to remain anonymous, which we allowed in order to get more candid responses to our questions.
These hockey scouts come from varying backgrounds, ranging from former players — from the NHL, junior and college ranks — to former coaches, including some with limited hockey playing experience. Believe it or not, there is even a former referee. Some have been a hockey scout for over 30 years and others only a couple.


Hockey scouts have interesting perspective when it comes to debating the Canadian Hockey League or an NCAA school and possible scholarship as the route to go.

Traditionally the best players in the world are choosing the CHL route, but that is definitely changing.

Over 30% of the NHL is coming from the NCAA now. A majority of those players are American but we are starting to see some elite Canadian prospects make that decision to play NCAA hockey.  

Cale Makar and Alex Newhook are the most notable players to play NCAA hockey recently.

“Some NHL scouts have confided to me that they think the NCAA is now the best amateur league in the world,” said one NCAA coach. “Most of that has to do with the number of older players in the league, but also the influx of high end talent deciding to go that route.

“If an 18 year old can thrive in that NCAA environment, there is a very good chance he will translate to pro very well.” 

Most of that discussion surrounds the speed of the NCAA game. The older, more mature players create a very pro style compared to CHL, which is composed of 16-to-20-year-old players.

A former NHL coach said, “Both are wonderful options. Traditionally, the NCAA was for the so-called “late bloomers” while the CHL tended to cater towards the higher end, instant impact players.

“This thinking has changed for the better as both routes cater to all types of players. It is largely based on a players interest, opportunity and finding the ideal situation for the player and the person.” 

Both leagues are heavily scouted. The one major difference is that as a young Canadian player you cannot play in the CHL before choosing the NCAA route. This forces players to play in the CJHL or the USHL before attending school. 

Although the CJHL and  USHL are scouted, players are often undervalued and taken in later in the draft. 

“It is true, we see players either slide down in the draft or get taken in their second year of eligibility because they chose the NCAA path versus the CHL path,” said one scout.

Many scouts confirmed these thoughts as they found it more difficult to compare a player playing in those Tier 2 junior leagues.

There are more intangibles at play and it’s difficult to compare players from one league to another, not to mention that there are fewer views of these players in these leagues. 

“This possibility of being drafted later than expected is one aspect Canadian players must realize when they choose this route,” said one scout. “The upside for these Canadian NCAA players is that they end up getting a little more time to develop and often get second chances through free agency.”

The scout went on to say, “NHL teams like taking NCAA players — especially middle rounds — as they are investments that they do not have to spend money on as soon as compared to a CHL player.

“When you draft a CHL player, decisions on signing that player need to be made much sooner.”

Amateur Hockey Scouting

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Travelsports Newsletter Second Edition

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Travelsports Newsletter – Second Edition! 

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This week’s newsletter lets you know about another sport that we’ve launched: Baseball. We’ve timed it perfectly…. with the end of the MLB playoffs … but we couldn’t wait. For now, you can check out thousands of tournaments and facilities as well as the largest and most up-to-date list of batting cages across the US and Canada. Stay tuned for more as we will begin adding clubs, camps/clinics, etc to baseball.

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Food is Fuel 

As a growing athlete, it’s important to keep track of your player’s caloric and food intake to support growth and development. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, teenage boys need 3,000-4,000 calories a day, while teenage girls need between 2,400 and 3,000. It’s important to have a healthy amount healthy fats, proteins, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Here are three important tips:


The 2022 youth hockey season is well underway. Whether it’s a broken stick or one that comes up a bit short… it can be difficult to find the right stick for power and accuracy. When purchasing a stick, it’s important to focus on the kick point, where the stick flexes when shooting. 

Sticks are the most important piece of equipment for control, movement and stick handling and you can’t play the game without the right stick. If you’re looking to upgrade your sticks, check out Pure Hockey’s selection below.



Warrior Alpha LX 20 Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Senior 

The new Alpha LX stick from Warrior is equipped with the latest technology. Equipped with RC 155 for lightweight construction and compatible for bending strength and impact resistance. Designed for pro-level strength and performance, the Alpha LX shaft is lighter than ever and equipped with Apex Grip Texture for better control, accuracy and release of your shots. Available for both left and right handed players. 

Scouts Debate CHL vs. NCAA as Hockey Paths

Hockey scouts have interesting perspective when it comes to debating the Canadian Hockey League or an NCAA school and possible scholarship as the route to go.

Traditionally the best players in the world are choosing the CHL route, but that is definitely changing.


Keep Calm and LAX On 
Interested in upcoming lacrosse clinics and showcases? Check out the list below. 
Midwest Elite Top 80 Showcase – US Lax Events – Bridgeview, IL – Nov 12th, 2022 

Boys Philly Invitational Lacrosse Showcase – NXT Lacrosse – Downington, PA – Nov 19th, 2022

Las Vegas Prospects Day – Adrenaline Lacrosse – Henderson, NV – Dec 2nd, 2022 

Winter Western Winners Showcase – Trilogy Lacrosse – Claremont, CA – Dec 9th-10th, 2022 

Prospect Elite Day Camp – Terps Lacrosse, Elkridge, MD – Jan 6th, 2023 

Our Travelsports Baseball page is live!

We officially launched baseball and have added over a thousand baseball tournaments across the United States. We will be adding thousands of youth and high school clubs soon. Check out our list of Batting Cages from across the US and Canada!

On our site, you will be able to find regional and national tournaments & showcases, get directions to facilities, find the nearest batting cages, and more! You’ll also be able to book hotel rooms by individual or group and explore local activities on our tournament and showcase pages.


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Hockey Hotels Tournaments

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Our plan is to provide you with some interesting articles about sports currently listed on our site: Hockey, Figure Skating, Lacrosse and now Baseball. We’ll also pop in some cool content only found on our website such as Champions, what to do during tournaments, share with you some unique Travelsports-related insights .. and more!

Of course, you’ll always be able to use Travelsports to search for upcoming tournaments, find directions to a facility, check out local camps/clinics, discover a coach, book a hotel, look for a sports shop, etc.

We hope you find this newsletter informative and not something you just delete or mark for spam!

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A new NHL season has started and hockey is upon us.

A handful of rookies will make their lifelong dream come true and skate alongside their idols in an NHL game.

Many young players want to be the next Patrick Kane, Alex Ovechkin or Connor McDavid and fans often ask, “What is your secret to being successful”.

Sometimes, simple things like showing up to practice on time, working out, maintaining a healthy regimen, being a leader on and off the ice while forming relationships with your coaches and teammates builds character and can help take you to the next level.

According to the American Development Model by USA Hockey, here are some helpful tips for players and parents on encouraging players at a young age:

  • Win or lose, remind them to love the game, and the game will love you back

  • Blaming teammates, blaming the ref, blaming anything is out. This goes for parents and players. Set a good example.

  • Play hockey with them, where they want and when they want to.

  • They will respect teammates, the opposition, the refs, the other team’s coaches. If you don’t teach them this, the coach will have to do it.



With almost 150 hockey tournaments, the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend has the second most tournaments in the year. Do you know which weekend has the most?

Find the answer at the bottom of this newsletter!



The 2022 youth hockey season has begun. It’s never fun to have to constantly buy new skates because your player’s feet keep growing. It can be difficult to find the right fit and comfortability.

Skates are the most important piece of equipment for the sport and vary based on material and technology. If you’re looking to upgrade to a high performing skate, then check out the skates below.

If you purchase a product linked from this email, we may receive a commission.

Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Ice Hockey Skates – Junior 

The Bauer Supreme M5 from PureHockey is perfect for experienced skaters who skate 3-4 times a week to help increase power and explosiveness. The Bauer Supreme M5 is equipped with asymmetrical toe clip for better overall fit and reflex tendon guard for better range of motion. New for the Bauer Supreme M5 is the ability to choose your own runner for your skate. Available in sizes 1.0 to 3.5. Note: Runners will arrive separately and require installation.

Bauer Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates – Junior

The Bauer Vapor Supreme M4 Ice Hockey Skates from Pure Hockey are great for first time skaters who skate 2-3 times a week. Built with advanced technology, Bauer has streamlined this skate for good balance of fit, performance and comfort. The Bauer Supreme M4 skate is equipped with Form Fit+ footbed with memory foam, 3D Lasted Flex Composite Quarter Package for support and 48oz felt tongue with exposed metatarsal guard to provide comfort in foot. Available in sizes 1.0 to 3.5.

Bauer Supreme M3 Ice Hockey Skates – Senior  

The Bauer Supreme M3 Ice Hockey Skates from Pure Hockey are great for the experienced weekly player. Designed with advanced technology, Bauer has streamlined this skate to be comfortable and increase mobility. The Supreme M3 is built with a Digi Composite Quarter Package designed for support and thermoforming functions, lightweight memory foam ankle padding and a 40oz Felt Tongue with mesh metatarsal guard to give you quality comfort. Available in sizes 7.0 to 11.5. 



We have questions. The same questions heard around the hallways of rinks everywhere. Questions about development paths, about tournaments, about skills training, about expectations. Questions from moms and dads, from players and coaches.

Questions from hockey families.

Questions about minor hockey.

We want to answer these questions through creative storytelling and by sharing the experiences of players, parents, coaches, scouts and former pros in the hopes that their stories will inspire, enlighten and educate about the game we love.

From house league to the highest levels of minor hockey, we want to be part of the hockey journey because we believe EVERYONE plays Hockey on an Elite Level …



Our Travelsports Lacrosse page is live!

We officially launched lacrosse in June and have added hundreds of lacrosse tournaments and showcases across the US and Canada. We’ve added college and adult (men’s/women’s) lacrosse clubs and will be adding thousands of youth and high school clubs by soon.

On our site, you will be able to find local clinics, regional and national tournaments & showcases, which we continually add/update, rankings and more! You’ll be able to book hotel rooms and explore extracurricular activities on our tournament and showcase pages.


With over 200 tournaments, the U.S. MLK Holiday Weekend has the most hockey tournaments in North America.