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Travelsports Newsletter – Fourth Edition

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Travelsports Newsletter – Fourth Edition!


Hi Travelsporters! 

We will be launching an online shopping marketplace, where small businesses and creators will be able to list their sports related products and hand/homemade items. More to follow. 

Founder, Travelsports

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Pre Game Routines

Do you ever feel nervous before a big game? Anxious, difficulty focusing or lacking confidence? 

According to Patrick Cohn of Peak Performance Sports, top athletes utilize a pre-competition or pre game routine that helps reduce distractions, minimize anxiety and allows them to slowly narrow their focus. 

If you’re not focused on your warm-up routine, distractions, past performances and noisy spectators create anxiety and doubt in your ability. 

Interested in reading more about how college athletes prepare for a big game, check it out here
Brrr. It’s starting to get cold out there… but perfect for some good old Pond Hockey!



The 2022 youth hockey season is well underway. Being a goaltender is a challenging task and is the most difficult position to excel in. Goalies save plays for teammates, accelerate plays and increase chances of winning. 

Having the right stick is important for a goalie. If you’re looking for a new goalie stick, check out Pure Hockey’s selection below.  

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Bauer Vapor 3X Composite Goalie Stick – Senior 

The Bauer Vapor 3X Composite Senior Goalie Stick from Pure Hockey is designed with an arch paddle construction, shorter shaft and P31 round pattern for better puck control. The Vapor 3X features an ExpandCel core for lighter weight. The Vapor 3X comes in black or silver and paddle length between 25.0-27.0 in. 

Minor Hockey Memories: Terry Ryan 

Elite Level Hockey recently asked a number of former professional players to reminisce about their favorite youth hockey memories, and to discuss what they would change about today’s youth hockey culture. 

Terry Ryan was the Montreal Canadiens’ first-round pick and the eighth overall selection at the 1995 NHL Entry Draft. 

A native of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Ryan represented Canada at the ISBHF ball hockey tournament and has been a part of teams that captured both world and national championships. 


Going to a Tournament soon? 

Tournament weekends make for lifelong memories. Looking to make your team stand out at your next tournament? Check out Tourney Experience for customized team swag packages. Whether you’re a team manager or a parent, we know your time is valuable. We can help to simplify your tournament experience. Available for all sports! 
Did You Know? 

Travelsports has created a hockey section called Champions, whereby Clubs, Parents, Tournament Operators, etc. can let everyone know which team(s) have won their tournament. We’ll be adding a similar section to Baseball and Lacrosse by spring.
Keep Calm and LAX On 

Interested in upcoming lacrosse clinics and showcases? Check out our list below. 


Events for Cause 

Buckets Over Bullying 
  • 81% of students believe bullying is easier to get away with online 
  • 37% of students feel they’ve been cyberbullied in their lifetime 
  • 15% percent of students to someone that they were cyberbullied 

Buckets over Bullying is a non-profit initiative officially launched in October 2022 to educate and advocate an end to cyberbullying by educating on the negative effects it has on youth and families as it continues to increase in society.

Their work is to prevent what happened to 15-year-old Nate Bronstein.

Over 500+ Chicago-area parents and teens joined the Social Media Safety rally in November to learn about social media-related dangers.

Please click learn more and take the pledge to end cyberbullying. 
Looking to highlight a cause-based event in one of our newsletters? Please email to info@travelsports and include a brief description of the event, the cause the money is being raised for, an image and website link.
Hotel Reservations

Traveling for an upcoming tournament or showcase? Click here to book a hotel through our partner Lucid Travel. 
Play Ball 

Even though winter is coming, it’s time to look ahead to 2023. Check out our list of upcoming baseball tournaments! 


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Travelsports Newsletter Second Edition

Read the latest from Travelsports

Travelsports Newsletter – Second Edition! 

Hi Travelsporters! 

This week’s newsletter lets you know about another sport that we’ve launched: Baseball. We’ve timed it perfectly…. with the end of the MLB playoffs … but we couldn’t wait. For now, you can check out thousands of tournaments and facilities as well as the largest and most up-to-date list of batting cages across the US and Canada. Stay tuned for more as we will begin adding clubs, camps/clinics, etc to baseball.

Founder, Travelsports

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Food is Fuel 

As a growing athlete, it’s important to keep track of your player’s caloric and food intake to support growth and development. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, teenage boys need 3,000-4,000 calories a day, while teenage girls need between 2,400 and 3,000. It’s important to have a healthy amount healthy fats, proteins, whole grains and fruits and vegetables. Here are three important tips:


The 2022 youth hockey season is well underway. Whether it’s a broken stick or one that comes up a bit short… it can be difficult to find the right stick for power and accuracy. When purchasing a stick, it’s important to focus on the kick point, where the stick flexes when shooting. 

Sticks are the most important piece of equipment for control, movement and stick handling and you can’t play the game without the right stick. If you’re looking to upgrade your sticks, check out Pure Hockey’s selection below.



Warrior Alpha LX 20 Grip Composite Hockey Stick – Senior 

The new Alpha LX stick from Warrior is equipped with the latest technology. Equipped with RC 155 for lightweight construction and compatible for bending strength and impact resistance. Designed for pro-level strength and performance, the Alpha LX shaft is lighter than ever and equipped with Apex Grip Texture for better control, accuracy and release of your shots. Available for both left and right handed players. 

Scouts Debate CHL vs. NCAA as Hockey Paths

Hockey scouts have interesting perspective when it comes to debating the Canadian Hockey League or an NCAA school and possible scholarship as the route to go.

Traditionally the best players in the world are choosing the CHL route, but that is definitely changing.


Keep Calm and LAX On 
Interested in upcoming lacrosse clinics and showcases? Check out the list below. 
Midwest Elite Top 80 Showcase – US Lax Events – Bridgeview, IL – Nov 12th, 2022 

Boys Philly Invitational Lacrosse Showcase – NXT Lacrosse – Downington, PA – Nov 19th, 2022

Las Vegas Prospects Day – Adrenaline Lacrosse – Henderson, NV – Dec 2nd, 2022 

Winter Western Winners Showcase – Trilogy Lacrosse – Claremont, CA – Dec 9th-10th, 2022 

Prospect Elite Day Camp – Terps Lacrosse, Elkridge, MD – Jan 6th, 2023 

Our Travelsports Baseball page is live!

We officially launched baseball and have added over a thousand baseball tournaments across the United States. We will be adding thousands of youth and high school clubs soon. Check out our list of Batting Cages from across the US and Canada!

On our site, you will be able to find regional and national tournaments & showcases, get directions to facilities, find the nearest batting cages, and more! You’ll also be able to book hotel rooms by individual or group and explore local activities on our tournament and showcase pages.


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