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For our newest issue, we are rolling a new section dedicated to cause-based sports events. At Travelsports, we want to highlight those events that are dedicated to raising awareness and donations for non-profit causes. Whether they are important to your local community or are global in nature, highlighting these events will become a part of what we do. Please see our Events for Cause section to learn more about how we can highlight your event. 

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When a young athlete takes an interest in a sport, parents are eager to rapidly build up their development. According to Memorial Hermann, strength and conditioning is important to help improve agility, motor control and overall ability to perform. It’s important for young athletes to receive proper instruction from those who understand technique and proper form. It’s important for coaches and training staff to create proper training regimens to prevent any burnout or injury. Here are some important exercises to help increase muscle mass. 
  • Push-ups
  • Suspension training – pull-ups with TRX
  • Step ups  
  • Lunges and squats – with or without weights
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Whether you have an early morning game and don’t want to get up at the crack of dawn to drive to …. or your tournament’s hotels are booked, Travelsports has you covered with a list of hotels focused on sports teams. If you are looking for a specific date or location, Travelsports has partnered with Lucid Travel to help you and your team find the best spot.


The 2022 youth hockey season is well underway. Whether it’s a helmet with or without a face shield… it can be difficult to find the right helmet for comfort, fit and protection. When purchasing a helmet, it’s important to find a helmet with the right padding. 

Helmets are important for the safety of players to prevent head or face injuries, contact with the boards, collisions, falls and flying pucks. If you’re looking for new helmets, check out Pure Hockey’s selection below.  

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Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet Combo II 

The Bauer 5100 Hockey Helmet Combo II from Pure Hockey is designed for a comfortable interior feel. The 5100 fits wider than the Bauer 4500 and is equipped with the same sub-shell as the 9900. The 5100 is equipped with HX-sorb/Comfort Foam internal padding and a triple-density liner material. The 5100 is also equipped quick clip adjustments to find the right fit.

Hockey Players Turning to Figure Skating Training 

There is more to hockey then having the ability to score from the hashmarks like Auston Matthews or go to one-on-five like Connor McDavid. Possessing advanced skating techniques is a big advantage when it come to playing hockey. 

Now, teams and players from house league all the way up to NHL are building these skills through figure skating techniques taught by former figure skaters. 



Keep Calm and LAX On 
Interested in upcoming lacrosse clinics and showcases? Check out the list below. 

Chicago Box Lacrosse Challenge – US LAX Events – Naperville, IL – December 3-4, 2022

Badgerland Box Invitational – Bearpaw Lacrosse Events – Milwaukee, WI – December 10-11, 2022 

Club World Championships – My Lacrosse Tournaments – Austin, TX – Dec 30, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023 

Battle at the Barn Box Lacrosse Tournament – Bearpaw Lacrosse Events – Fort Wayne, IN – Jan 7-8, 2023 

All Elite Lacrosse Tournament – Achieve Lacrosse – Marlborough, MA – Jan 15th, 2023 
Events for Cause 

Looking to highlight a cause based event in one of our newsletters? Please email to info@travelsports and include a brief description of the event and the cause the money is being raised for, an image and website link. 
Sled Hockey Charity Event – New Trier vs. Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Blackhawks

Chicago-Area New Trier High School Hockey hosted a fundraising event to benefit the 4 time NHL Sled Hockey Champions, the AbilityLab Blackhawks, and beloved New Trier senior Clay Scherb, brother of Cole, a New Trier hockey player. 

Clay experienced a life-changing spinal cord injury in August, which necessitates intense rehabilitation. His care is being provided by the amazing team at Shirley Ryan. His condition is requiring extraordinary expenses for medical care, equipment, home modifications and lifestyle changes.

All proceeds from the game went to the Scherb family during this extremely difficult time and the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Adaptive Sports Program, which offers over 20 different sports and fitness programs to youth and adults with physical disabilities. All equipment, facilities and coaching are donation based so there is no cost to the athlete.

They are still accepting donations! Click the image below to make a donation. 

Looking to highlight a cause-based event in one of our newsletters? Please email to info@travelsports and include a brief description of the event, the cause the money is being raised for, an image and website link. 
Play Ball 
Now the 2022 MLB season is over, it’s time to look ahead to 2023. Check out the list of upcoming baseball tournaments! 


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