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Best Hockey Sticks for 2024 – TravelSports Staff Picks

Best Hockey Sticks for 2024: Staff Picks

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Hockey is a sport that combines speed, agility, and precision, and the hockey stick is your primary tool on the ice. When selecting a hockey stick, it’s crucial to consider its role in ball or puck control, shooting accuracy, and the power behind every pass or shot. Modern hockey sticks are meticulously designed combining advanced materials and engineering to enhance your on-ice performance.

The construction of hockey sticks has evolved from traditional wood to high-tech materials like carbon fiber, offering a blend of flexibility, durability, and lightness. A well-crafted stick can significantly impact your game, allowing for sharper passes and more powerful shots. The curvature of the blade, the flex of the shaft, and the stick’s length are tailored to suit various playing styles and positions. A forward might opt for a stick that allows for quick wrist shots, while a defenseman might prefer one that can launch powerful slap shots from the point.

Choosing the right hockey stick involves assessing factors such as the flex rating, which indicates the amount of force needed to bend the stick. This should be matched to your weight and strength for optimum performance. The stick’s lie is also important, as it determines the angle the stick shaft forms with the blade on the ice, affecting your puck handling. Weight and balance contribute to the overall feel of the stick in your hands, influencing your control and reaction speed.

Equipped with the right hockey stick, your on-ice performance can be greatly enhanced. Beyond the basic specifications, personal preference and comfort play significant roles in finding the perfect stick. In the next section, we’ll explore some of the top hockey sticks on the market, scrutinizing features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Top Hockey Sticks for Your Game

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on the ice, the right hockey stick can make all the difference in your game. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best hockey sticks available, tailored to a variety of playing styles and preferences. Each stick in our selection is designed to improve your control, power, and agility, helping you elevate your performance to the next level. Explore our top picks to find the perfect match for your on-ice endeavors.

Franklin Junior Stick

Franklin Junior Ice Hockey Stick
Franklin Junior Ice Hockey Stick

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Your aspiring young hockey player will find the Franklin Junior Stick a worthy addition for ice play, thanks to its youth-friendly features and robust build.


  • Tailored for young players with a left-hand orientation and manageable 42″ length
  • Includes Neogrip for improved handling and puck control
  • Constructed with a 20-flex, aiding in passing and shooting for youth players


  • Not optimal for play on rough surfaces like asphalt
  • May be shorter compared to other sticks advertised with similar length
  • Primarily intended for casual or beginner use rather than competitive play

When you’re in the market for a hockey stick suitable for a child’s foray into ice hockey, the attributes of the stick can be pivotal. With a focus on control and performance, Franklin Sports has designed the Kids Ice Hockey Sticks with a mid-curve blade that promotes an effortless puck-handling experience, a trait likely to encourage the development of a young athlete’s skills.

Selecting a stick with the right flex is crucial, especially for young players. This Franklin stick’s low 20 flex rating means less force is needed for your child to bend the stick when passing and shooting, which can help in improving their game mechanics without overpowering them.

Durability is always a concern with junior sports equipment. Fortunately, this stick boasts a composite build, ensuring that it can withstand the usual wear and tear of youth hockey practice sessions. Yet, it’s worth noting that while it’s built to last on the ice, the stick may not be as enduring if used on harder surfaces, serving as a reminder to keep play to softer grounds for prolonged equipment life.

Pro Blackout Stick

Pro Blackout Ice Hockey Stick
Pro Blackout Ice Hockey Stick

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If you’re serious about your game, this stick’s durability and performance offer great value despite its few reviews.


  • Made with high-grade 18K Carbon for optimal strength-to-weight ratio
  • Balances a lightweight feel at 420 grams for responsive handling
  • Reputation for robustness, bearing the rigors of intense play


  • Limited number of reviews may leave some purchasers hesitant
  • Higher-tier pricing might not suit all budgets
  • Standard length might not fit all players—especially those preferring custom lengths

Deciding on the right hockey stick is pivotal for your performance on the ice. This Pro Blackout Stick, constructed from premium 18K Carbon, promises a blend of strength and lightness. Its design is directed towards players who understand that equipment can make a considerable difference in the competitive realm.

In the world of sports gear, where durability often trades off with weight, this hockey stick stands out. The 420-gram weight facilitates swift movements and quick puck handling, elements essential for players seeking agility in their game. While it’s indeed built for professional use, it remains approachable for avid enthusiasts.

However, it’s wise to weigh the pros against the cons. The product has garnered a perfect rating, but with only two reviews so far, it might be too early to judge its long-term performance. Also, keep in mind that high-end equipment typically comes with a price tag to match—ensure this investment aligns with your budget. Lastly, consider the fit; at a standard retail length, it’s essential to confirm this stick complements your play style and physique.

STX Surgeon RX3

STX Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Stick
STX Surgeon RX3 Ice Hockey Stick

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If you’re looking to enhance your game with a stick focused on control and responsiveness, the STX Surgeon RX3 could be your match.


  • Ergonomic shaft shape for better hand contact and control
  • Tailored flex for quick play and upper shaft stiffness for power
  • Durable blade with innovative Silver Streak material


  • Higher price point compared to some entry-level options
  • The brand may not be as well-known in the hockey world
  • Limited information on long-term durability for intense play

Crafted with the player’s grip in mind, the Surgeon RX3’s unique ergonomic design intends to offer elevated stick handling. By maximizing hand contact, the player might feel a noticeable difference in control during play.

The dual flex zones in the stick —a more responsive lower section paired with a stiffer upper— aim to benefit your quick moves and powerful shots. The division of flex is designed to cater to various in-game requirements effectively.

Finished with an inventive material at the blade’s base, the Surgeon RX3 offers a promise of stability and durability. For those looking to invest in a stick that potentially improves tactile feel and play, this composite construction provides an attractive option despite its premium cost.

StringKing Pro Stick

StringKing Pro Ice Hockey Stick
StringKing Pro Ice Hockey Stick

If you’re an advanced hockey player searching for a high-performance stick at a fraction of the original cost, this could be your pick.


  • Premium carbon fiber construction ensures strength and durability.
  • Mid-low kick point offers a blend of quick release and powerful shots.
  • Priced competitively, especially with the current 50% discount.


  • Limited feedback due to being a new product on the market.
  • Might feel slightly heavier compared to high-end, more expensive sticks.
  • Availability may be an issue with it being a prototype model on sale.

Hockey enthusiasts recognize the importance of a reliable stick. The StringKing Composite Pro Prototype is crafted from top-tier carbon fiber, a material known for its robustness. This stick promises to endure the rough and tumble of intense sessions on the ice or street, potentially giving you an edge in durability over the long haul.

Balance and feel are integral to handling the puck with confidence. With Smart Taper Technology, this stick disperses material to optimize balance and strengthen the high-stress zones. Additionally, the mid-low kick point aims to serve the dual purpose of enabling quicker releases while promoting shot power, a combination sought after by players who value responsiveness in their playstyle.

While this stick originally comes with a premium price tag, it’s currently available for half the cost, making it a compelling option for serious players seeking value. Keep in mind, as a prototype, this stick is somewhat enigmatic with fewer user experiences than established models. Yet, the high praise it has received so far seems promising. Consider this bargain as a potentially smart addition to your hockey arsenal.

Easton Mako M5 II

Easton Mako M5 II Ice Hockey Stick
Easton Mako M5 II Ice Hockey Stick

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If you’re seeking a hockey stick that amplifies puck control and quick shooting, the Easton Mako M5 II could be your match.


  • Enhanced puck feel due to the Micro-bladder blade process
  • Increased blade stability from Multi-rib blade construction
  • Offers better grip and handling with its textured shaft


  • Higher price point may not suit all budgets
  • Limited reviews could mean less proven track record
  • Specific hand orientation and flex may not be ideal for every player

Players looking for a responsive stick will appreciate the low kick point flex profile of the Easton Mako M5 II, designed to maximize quick shooting. Its construction focuses on providing you with superior stability and puck feel, which might give you an edge during the game. The textured shaft enhances your grip for confident handling in those critical moments.

Consider your position and style of play when choosing this stick. The precise features—like left curve orientation and 65 flex—are tailored for players who require specific attributes for their game. It fits a niche market, and if it fits yours, it could drastically improve your play.

Weight is a crucial factor in selecting a hockey stick. The Easton Mako M5 II’s design offers a balanced feel that allows for agile movements and precise shots. Keep in mind that the limited number of reviews makes it a somewhat less verified purchase, but its professional-grade features are nonetheless enticing for intermediate players.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before choosing a hockey stick, consider your position on the team and style of play. This will determine the type of stick that best suits your game. Defensemen may prefer a longer stick, while forwards tend to opt for shorter ones for better handling.

Key Features to Consider

Stick Length: Ensure the stick reaches your chin or nose when on skates.

Flex: A lower flex rating means more bend and is generally preferred by players who prioritize quick wrist shots. A higher flex is sturdier, suitable for powerful slap shots.

Blade Curve:

  • Heel Curve: Good for slap shots and defensemen.
  • Mid Curve: Provides a balance for stickhandling and shooting.
  • Toe Curve: Helps with precision in shooting and puck handling, ideal for forwards.
Curve TypeBest For
Heel CurveSlap shots, Defense
Mid CurveOverall balance
Toe CurvePrecision, Forwards

Material & Build

Composite sticks are a popular choice, offering a blend of durability and lightweight performance, but they come at a higher cost. Wooden sticks are more affordable and offer a classic feel, but may not last as long.

Weight: A lighter stick can improve handling speed, but too light may compromise on power and durability.

Grip: Some sticks come with a textured grip or a smooth finish. Choose based on what feels more comfortable in your hands.

Durability vs. Price

Remember that a higher price doesn’t always equate to better quality, but investing in a good hockey stick can benefit your game. Balance cost with features that match your style of play for the best value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right hockey stick can significantly affect your game play, from handling and shooting to passing. Let’s explore some common questions you might have about the best hockey sticks on the market.

What are the top rated hockey stick models currently?

The Bauer Vapor FlyLite, CCM Jetspeed FT3 Pro, and Warrior Covert QRE SuperLight are among the top rated models. These sticks are commended for their light weight, balance, and enhanced puck control.

Which hockey stick brands are preferred by professional NHL players?

Brands like Bauer, CCM, and Warrior are prevalent among NHL professionals. Specific models vary based on player positions and personal preferences, but these brands are consistently chosen for their quality and performance.

How significantly does a high-end hockey stick enhance performance?

A high-end hockey stick can improve your game by offering better puck handling, increased shot accuracy, and faster shot release. The technology in these sticks is designed to maximize energy transfer and reduce weight without sacrificing durability.

What are the best hockey sticks recommended for forwards?

Forwards often prefer sticks that allow for quick shots and good puck feel, such as the Bauer Vapor 1X Lite and CCM Ribcor Trigger 4 Pro. These sticks are engineered for a low kick point, resulting in a rapid release.

What factors should intermediate players consider when choosing a hockey stick?

Intermediate players should consider the stick’s flex, kick point, blade pattern, and length for optimal performance tailored to their playing style. A mid-flex stick with a versatile blade pattern is typically a good starting point for players honing their skills.

Are there any affordable but high-quality hockey sticks recommended for juniors?

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro and CCM Jetspeed FT3 are excellent choices for junior players seeking quality without a steep price. These sticks are designed to be durable and proportionally sized for younger players, focusing on proper handling and ease of use.

Bonus Section: 3 Money Saving Tips for Hockey Parents

  1. Buy Used Equipment
    • Skates: High-quality used skates can be much more affordable and often just as serviceable as new ones. Look for lightly worn items at sports consignment stores or online marketplaces.
    • Protective Gear: Pads and helmets that meet safety standards don’t always need to be brand new. Ensure they fit properly to maintain safety levels.
  2. Embrace Carpooling
    • Gas and Travel: Coordinate with other hockey parents to share transportation to practices, games, and tournaments. This can significantly reduce your fuel and travel-related costs.
    • Accommodation: When overnight stays are required, team up to book accommodation, seeking group rates or shared lodging solutions.
  3. Practice Off-Ice
    • Skill Development: Invest time in off-ice training for skill improvement. This can help reduce the amount of paid ice time needed, yet still contribute to player development.
    • Dryland Training: Utilize free or low-cost resources for off-ice drills and fitness routines designed for hockey players.
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